Helping you to achieve your goals

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Registered Exercise Professional.

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In the gym

Training and advise on how to use gym equipment for both Cardio and Strength. Training on how to use free weights correctly.

Personalised training programmes to suit a gym environment.

Times, duration and progress to suit you.

Out side the gym

Training does not have to be confined to a gym or in fact involve a gym at all. As a Personal Trainer I can work with you in your home, a park, your office and many other locations.

Personalised programmes to suit the environment and your lifestyle. Progress at your own pace.

Mobile equipment such as Suspended Trainers, Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, exercise balls and much more all provided at your place of training.

Nutritional advice, learn about Carbs, Fats and Proteins. Why we need vitamins and minerals. What is a healthy meal and what are the correct portion sizes.

First Steps - Free Consultation

The consultation is a very important as it sets the foundation of your training.

It is where with the help of the trainer you set your short, medium and long term goals.

Any medical reasons for not being able to train are identified, this may include taking your blood pressure. Any doubts to your fitness to train will usually mean a referral to a medical professional will have to be made for clearance to train.

Roles and bounds of both trainer and trainee are made clear.

Necessary forms such as the PAR-Q are completed.

First Training Session

This will be where you start your traiining and will vary dependant on you goals, training location and type of training you require.

Part of this initial session may be taken up with Initial physical and fitness assessments i.e. weight, body fat, heart rate and a base line fitness levels. Fitness level is assessed using standard tests and can in themselves be very physical and demanding.The reason for this is to ensure we know that progress is being made (or not) over the duration of your training.

 Design of your training programme will be discussed.


Training sessions usually work in eight week blocks, this is to ensure that you get the maximum out of your training as it takes around eight weeks for your body to adjust and show improvement. The training is then altered for the next eight weeks. The reason is because when the body adapts after the initial period it then stops improving, so by continuing with the same program of exercises your body will stagnate and stop reacting to the exercise. So by changing the program your body is then shocked or kick started again into improving. This is called Periodisation. 

Training can be once a week or several times per week. The more times per week you train the better the results. This does not mean you have to pay personal training costs every time you do train. For example you may have a personal training session once a week and twice a week you may train by yourself.