As a UKRSA (UK Racket Stringers Association) professional stringer I offer a racket stringing service. Types of racket that we string are squash, racketball, tennis and badminton.

I do keep certain strings in stock, but if you require a string we do not have we can order this in for you, it takes about two days. You can check out the strings we hold by checking our shop. We are continually adding to these. If you don't see a string you want please phone or use the contact form and we will order in for you or advise a string that is an equivalent.

String tension, the general rule is that a higher tension will give you more control, and a lower tension will give more power. Tensions vary with types of racket and manufacturer. If no tension is specified and you do not know what tension you want average tension will be used i.e. as a rule a squash racket will be tensioned at 27lb, racketball racket 32lb, badminton racket 18lb and tennis rackets 60lb (manufactures tension range will be taken into account and a mid range tension used).

I can discuss tensions and string types with you and can work with you to find the correct string and tension that suits you and your style of playing. This may be by changing strings and tensions over several string changes.

String tension does not remain constant. When a racket is strung the tension of the strings constantly falls. Initially fast then slowing down with time. As the tension falls your brain compensates for this and adapts your play to suit. So a newly strung racket may play and feel a lot different to what you have got used to and may take a few games to get back to normal.

Whilst having your racket re strung why not get yourself a new grip. Buy from our stock of grips and over grips and we will fit for free.

Collection and Return

Drop off and collection - you can drop off and collect your racket. Please use contact form for address and phone to arrange day nad time.

Free collection and return - If you live in NG1 to NG10 areas your racket can be picked up and returned free of charge. Arrangements can also be made to pick up rackets from your club, leisure centre where you play.

Post - you can post your racket to us. You will have to provide return shipping.

Corporate  If you are a leisure or sports centre, retail shop or club then please contact me as I can offer special rates. i.e. hire rackets or club members discount.

If you have any questions relating to racket stringing please use the contact form to contact me. You can order and pay online by going to the online shop.